Pi LMS Collaborative Solutions

The three main benefits introduced in Pi LMS to offer new collaborative perspectives are:

  1. Collaborate more efficiently inside collaborative workspaces, whatever your project, its duration or size, for school, academic or professional purposes.
  2. Easily communicate between learners and trainers, colleagues and clients.
  3. Create documents in a collaborative way, discuss through live meetings.

Here are the features:

  • File/Document Sharing and Viewing (up to 100MB);
  • Multiparty Messaging;
  • @Mentions, Favorites & Emoji Support;
  • Share Screen from any device;
  • Screen sharing;
  • Share documents and whiteboard with all Meeting Members (using any of the annotation features);
  • Ability to Record and Share Meetings;
  • Ability to save annotated files.

You can now stay connected with your workgroups, and manage the progress of your projects in a dedicated workspace.